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The Vendee

The Vendee is one of the 6 Departments (counties) that make up the Pays De La Loire Region of Western France.
Situated on the Atlantic coast just south of the Loire river and north of La Rochelle near the estuary of the Niortaise Sevre river.

The Vendee has the attraction of both a coastal region with white sandy beaches, fishing villages and holiday resorts, and the charm of the Bocage and the marshes of the Marais Breton,Marais Salants and Marais Poitevin. The landscape of the hinterland is dominated by hedgerows and winding lanes and where the old windmills made famous by the wars of the Vendee are still visable atop the hills.
In the south west, the north west and also to a lesser extent an area just north of Les Sables d'Oleron are the areas of marshes, sheltered by the dunes they have slowly dried out over the centuries. These vast areas of flat fertile soil eventually give way to the mazes of canals lined by Popular and Willow and Ash trees, a naturelist and ecological paradise.

Everwhere in the Vendee you will find a magnificent architectural heritage, bearing witness to their attachement to the past, whether it be from the dolmens of prehistory,the rennaisence period, the war in the vendee and its tragic concequences or  the 19th century.

The Climate of the Vendee is particularly agreeable with sunshine hours to rival the south of France and with the Atlantic ocean guaranteeing an invigorating, iodized and bracing atmoshere.
Beyond the coast the sea has for centuries shaped the landscape, it once covered vast areas of gulfs that have by nature and mans handywork been transformed into productive polderlands with the Sevre Niortaise river in the Marais Piotevin not only taking the water away to the sea but forming the main artery of the Venice Vert or green venise, where you can glide over the waters in as tranquil and relaxing place as any in France.
The Vendee is largely agricultural but has also turned towards the sea and its resources,in particular the farming of mussels and oysters and its fishing fleet, one of the most important in france, which both benefit from the plankton rich waters of the Altantic ocean.
The 150 miles of coastline with its white sandy beaches backed by dunes and pine forest and the jagged rocks and low cliffs offer the holiday maker a fast choice of idyllic, relaxing resorts.

In the Regions of the interior from the Vendeen hills in the East, back towards the Bocage and Marais you will find wonderful country roads bordered by hedges, manor houses, small chateaux, small villages and towns with modest churches and a slow and relaxed pace of life, and every where a rich heritage both natural and man made.
The following guides are coming soon and will help you to understand and explore the many and varied regions and attractions within the vendee and its nearby departments.

The Coastal Plain of the Vendee
The Marais Breton
The Marais Poitevin.
The Marais Salant and L'Ile-d'Olonne
The Mervent/Vouvant forest
Puy du Fou
The Vendeen Hills
La Rochelle and Ile-de-Re.
The Islands.
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